Allied Arts held a community update on Wednesday, June 13. At the meeting action steps and first steps to implement the plan were introduced. In addition to the update, the findings for Chattanooga within the American's for the Arts' Arts and Economic Prosperity Report were shared.


Imagine Chattanooga Update Summary

Arts and Economic Prosperity Chattanooga Summary




Imagine Chattanooga 20/20's cultural plan reflects the work of more than 400 members of the community. Through a nine-month process coordinated by Allied Arts of Greater Chattanooga, a diverse array of elected officials, community leaders, citizens, artists, students, and arts organization's staff and board members contributed input resulting in a powerful plan that addresses how arts and culture can impact virtually all aspects of community life.


The cultural plan was approved by the steering committee on December 7, 2011


Imagine Chattanooga 20/20: Strengthening the Region through Creativity, Arts and Culture


Full Report

Executive Summary


Focus Area Summaries:




Economic Development


Infrastructure and Resources

Quality of Life


Higher resolution versions of reports and summaries are available upon request by emailing




Report: Cultural Plan: New Visions for the Nineties (pdf)
The previous cultural plan developed in 1990.

Report: Cultural Plan Scope of Work (pdf)
An overview of the cultural planning process.

Report: Cultural Plan Phase 1 (pdf)
An executive summary of the first phase of the cultural plan led by WolfBrown Consultants and funded by the Kresge Foundation.

Report: Cultural Planning – What Can We Learn from Other Communities? (pdf)
Dr. Thomas Wolf summarizes cultural planning success stories in three communities: Dallas, Texas; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Portland, Oregon.

Bio: Dr. Thomas Wolf (pdf)
Biography of lead consultant Dr. Thomas Wolf. ECONOMIC AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT

Report: The Role of the Arts in Economic Development (pdf)
The National Governors Association in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies prepared this issue brief exploring and demonstrating the effective policies and practices that best integrate economic development and the arts.

Report: Community Initiative Program Concepts Report
As part of the background research for the Chattanooga Cultural Plan, WolfBrown has compiled information from a variety of communities about use of the arts to address various community issues. (pdf)



This list serves as a bibliography of reports used by WolfBrown as background for the development of this cultural plan. An asterisk indicates those authored by the consultants as part of this planning process. (word doc)



Communty meetings were facilitated by Marc Goldring with WolfBrown October 3 - 6, 2011. More than 270 people participated in the meetings held at Heritage House (East Brainerd), Collegedale (Collegedale Municipal Building), Chattanooga Theatre Centre (North Chattanooga), Bessie Smith Cultural Center (Downtown), Bethlehem Center (South Chattanooga), North River Civic Center (Hixson), Red Bank Community Center (Red Bank) as well as a meeting with the Youth Leadership and Senior Leadership groups held November 9, 2011.


 Heritage House (East Brainerd):                             Comments         Meeting Summary      

Collegedale Municipal Building (Collegedale):           Comments         Meeting Summary    

Chattanooga Theatre Centre (North Chattanooga):   Comments       

Bessie Smith Cultural Center (Downtown):               Comments        Meeting Summary    

Bethlehem Center (South Chattanooga):                  Comments        Meeting Summary    

North River Civic Center (Hixson):                          Comments        Meeting Summary    

Red Bank Community Center (Red Bank):                 Comments        Meeting Summary    

Youth Leadership and Senior Leadership:                 Comments       



Report: Synthesis of Comments from Diversity and Underserved Focus Groups.


Two focus group meetings were held on Augus 18, 2011 to gather information about diverse and underserved populations relative to creativity, arts and culture in the community. (pdf)



Information: Artsopolis (pdf)
Information about Artsopolis. Developed ‘by the Arts, for the Arts,’ the Artsopolis software will help develop a community-wide events and information website.


Survey: Facilities Needs Survey (pdf)
The survey was developed to determine the community facility needs of artists and organizations.


Survey: Facility Inventory Protocol (pdf)

The survey was developed to compile information about existing community facilities.


Spread Sheet: Cultural Peformance Facility Inventory (excel)


Report: Cultural Performance Facility Inventory Summary (pdf)

WolfBrown has compiled information from a survey of a variety of facilities available in Chattanooga.



Report: Arts and Culture Funding Practices Models (pdf)
Background research by WolfBrown Consultants that compiles information from a variety of communities about funding for the arts (Please note that this report was recently updated).


Report: Synthesis of All-Call Artist Meeting Comments (pdf)
The report synthesizes the comments by seventy people attending the All-Call Artists Meeting in April, 2011. Report: Summary of Initial Public Art Research WolfBrown consultant, Marc Brown reports on his visit to Chattanooga April 25-28, 2011.


Report: Arts and Cultural Education Models (pdf)
Background research by WolfBrown Consultants that compiles information from a variety of communities about cultural education programs.

Report: Family and Children: Education Working Group Notes(pdf)
Initial findings, observations and understandings by the Family and Children: Education Working Group

Report: What School Leaders Can Do To Increase Arts Education(pdf)
In a time of shrinking budgets and shifting priorities, what can we do to make and keep the arts strong in schools?

Report: Dallas Blazes "Coordinated" Trail in Arts Education for City Young People (pdf)
Dallas’s Thriving Minds initiative seeks to expand and improve children’s arts learning opportunities in and out of school.)


Press Release: Cultural Plan Unveiling (pdf)

Press Release: Cultural Planning Process Begins (pdf)
Press Release announcing the beginning of the Cultural Planning Process.